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leader harry reid is in fairfax county hospital after she and her daughter when in a serious accident. a first, the latest in the search for an escaped prisoner after research that encompassed most of the day. they found him in southeast this evening. john gonzalez is live outside horthy university hospital with more. -- howard university hospital with more. >> terence moore was are arriving at greater southeast for a hand injury when he broke free. a resident spotted him hiding out in a southeast neighborhood and they are trying to figure out how he got a car and cell phone. after being on the run much of the day, this d.c. inmate is being treated at howard university hospital. and it surprises me there was a fugitive here. >> this student is nervous because terrence mou were already escaped while being transported to another hospital -- parents moore already escaped while being transported to a day now the hospital. he was so competitive, it took 15 to 20 officers to restrain him. >> i hate to see anybody get hurt. >> the intense search went on at for hours. the private company in c
. belvoir. reston and fairfax this morning at 44. the day at a glance, an early sprinkle. otherwise, sunshine breaking out by this afternoon, if not later this morning. highs in the mid to upper 50s. time to look at the tuesday morning commute. here's angie. >> we are kicking off the new hour but watching an old traffic alert for you. cambridge road is closed in fairfax, virginia at kenmore drive because of an accident. take white head over to university to get to stratford and access chain bridge from there. we are watching volume between lorton and newington. as we continue to 395, things are slowing down between the duke and seminary areas. moving to the district. inbound new york avenue from the times building to bladensburg road. and things are filling out university to georgia. no incidents or accidents just volume. back to you. >>> this morning parts of the potomac river are three to four feet above normal. and it could be a few more hours before water levels start to come down. let's take a tour of the river. this is point of rocks, maryland. flood levels there hit 26 feet t
. a local team of rescue workers is getting ready to join in. brianne carter is live in fairfax with the latest. >> here in fairfax, task force one could soon be headed to help in that aid but they have not received a call yet. residents in chile are dealing with aftershocks from the massive quake. the destruction is overwhelmed. more than 1 million homes and buildings have been damaged or destroyed. it was such a natural tragedy. >> the ambassador to the u.s. is now asking for help. especially rescue teams to receive -- to relieve the first responsders. many members just returned from haiti weeks ago. >> you never know when the next disaster is going to hit. we prepare our team members that the next disaster is right around the corner. >> restaurants in chile are finding signs of life. they are joined to concrete to try to reach possible survivors. looting continues. the president of chile has sent in 10,000 soldiers and has proposed a nighttime curfew. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to arrive later today. she will bring satellite phones with her as part of a la
provocados por saqueadores... cobertura sobre la catastrofe en chile, ahora nos trasladamos a fairfax donde un destacamento de bomberos ya esta listo para trasladarse a esa nacion para colaborar en las labores de rescate... maria rosa lucchini, nos tiene los detalles.. el escuadron de rescate del condado de fairfax en virginia esta preparado...con los equipos necesarios para asistir en las labores de emergencia ... solamente en espera de una orden oficial para partir hacia chile... "nuestro equipo esta aqui listo, los rescatistas se han sometido a examenes fisicos, tienen sus pasaportes, estamos listos tan pronto nos den las ordenes" en su reciente mision en haiti... este equipo de emergencia rescato a 16- personas... "hay 28- equipos especializados en rescate en todo el pais, pero solamente dos son certifados para misiones internacionales, como es el caso de fairfax y los angeles.." en esta mision, 52- rescatistas y cuatro perros adiestrados de fairfax estarian asistiendo en las labores de rescate en zonas devastadas por el terremoto que dejo por
40s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties. upper 30s further west and north. around most of the region it's in the 40s, except near the bay where it's near 50. out of the mountains, low to mid 30s. we have considerable cloudiness coming in from the west ahead of a rainmaker that will be here later tonight. today highs climbing into the 60s, a southwest blustery wind. overnight tonight, rain is likely from late this evening to midday friday. sun back tomorrow afternoon with a blustery afternoon out of the northwest. much cooler with highs around 50. 20 saturday morning, afternoon highs near 50. more rain sunday afternoon and evening. and now, jerry, how is that traffic. >> thursday morning under way. we're doing fine through the northeast, along new york avenue. kenilworth avenue, and the major roadways through the southeast looking good. let's head over and check things elsewhere. interstate 270, i-70 okay no worries on the bw bridge. back to you. >> thank you. they didn't kill the bill but they succeed in sending it back to the house. senate republicans have found a glit
in fairfax. >>> another japanese automaker says there is a problem with its brakes. this time it's honda. they announced a recall that includes a popular minivan. craig melvin is in temple hills, maryland, with more on this. >> reporter: honda says that they contacted the national highway traffic safety administration yesterday. that's when they told the government they would be voluntarily recalling several hundred thousand of its automobiles over concerns about the brakes. kevin is a loyal honda customer. >> it's a great car. >> reporter: he's bought three over the past ten years. tuesday evening, he was looking at buying another. danny martin is the general manager at cohanka honda in temple hills. >> they earned that reputation of being a leader in the industry in terms of safety. >> reporter: now, like another industry titan, their brand has taken a hit. tuesday the japanese automaker announced it was recalling more than 410,000 of its 2007, 2008 minivans and element crossovers. over time air maybe able to get into the brake line and make pedals feel soft. >> it's a significant prob
latin american tour. meanwhile, they are reading supplies for this relief effort and the fairfax search and rescue team has been mobilized. dave statter standing by live at the fire training academy. hey dave. >> reporter: hey, mobilization means they are getting ready, not activated yet. getting their gear red ky and the possibility that they will be activated and sent to chile. they have been on 11 of these missions, coming back on january 29, was it? >> i believe that is right there. right? >> yes. so it is 29 days. what's going through your mind? you have seen the pictures. that are you thinking about? >> we really work for the management when you arrived. so we're going to arrive, find out what the mission is there. and when we get there, we'll work for them. >> from looking at the picture, do you see a difference in what you have dealt with out there? >> a lot of earthquakes, disasters are very similar. >> reporter: when you get down there, you would have to size up. what is the different things that you think about? safety in the likes? tell us. >> reporter: absolutely. again, de
say a man in fairfax county has been arrested because he pointed a laser at police helicopter. >> a jogger killed when a small plane made an emergency landing on a beach. >>> hundreds of palestinians clashed with israeli security forces today. we will have that report. >> earthquake shook people awake in southern california today. >>> hundreds of palestinians clashed today with israeli security forces in east jerusalem and on the west bank. the palestinians set fire, threw rocks at the riot police. police returned fire with rubber bullets and with tear gas. >> reporter: violence again on the streets in jerusalem, a day of rage. reaction to the rededication of a restored synagogue in east jerusalem. and israeli plans to build 1600 new homes. 3,000 police officers were deployed in east jerusalem. abbas, palestinian president, says the israeli action threatens to ignite a religious war. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is making efforts to repair relation was israel. clinton said the u.s. and israel have an unshakable bond and that the u.s. has an absolute commitment to is
on the roadway. there is an alternate take fairfax county parkway to get around the crash. elsewhere in virginia as we look at 66 volume is building up two separate stretches of slow down. southbound bw parkway, we still have a crash at 202 landover road. the off ramp to 202 is closed due to this accident. route 4 northbound. a crash there, as well. actually, look at that. it is clear now. route 4 and 301 no problems to report. and from germantown to 370s, as we look at a live shot at 270, breezy but no big problems heading to the split. >>> fallout from. >>> and a drug ring busted on campus. we will see a surveillance tape that helped police make an arrest. >>> right now howard begins our focus on maryland's weather. actually we will head to break and be back after these messages. it's definitely expensive having a growing family and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. at giant, we know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and we
in that deadly street racing trial. >> ready to help. less than a month after being sent to haiti, the fairfax urban search and rescue team is packing its gear again. welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >>> i'm joe krebs on this tuesday, march 2, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now with temperatures above freezing. 38 degrees. beautiful pictures. lights of the city early morning. >> let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein to get a look at the forecast. nice day yesterday. >> it sure was. got around 50 degrees. clouded up overnight an now this morning starting off with temperatures above freezing. out in the mountains now in the mid-20s. 38 in washington, nearby suburbs now in the mid-30s. view from space showing quite a bit of cloudiness. we may have a few breaks in the clouds. by sunset we might have a little light rain temperatures near 40. sunrise this morning at 6:39. little light rain in the evening hours and further west and north light snow. but then even around the metro area light snow by midnight and off and on until dawn tomorrow. we might have a slushy wet one
by a tractor trailer yesterday afternoon. she's recovering at and over fairfax hospital. we have an update with pamela on her condition. >> his wife and daughter were taken to fairfax hospital yesterday afternoon after the car crash. his daughter lana reid has been released. his wife landra reid remains in the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. family members and friends are gathering at fairfax hospital offering prayers and support. following yesterday's car crash. >> they are wonderful people. >> wonderful people. thank you. let's pray for them. >> it occurred on interstate 95 in fairfax county. virginia state police said a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of landra reid's suv after she had to brake for traffic. it caused her hit another car in which then hit a fourth car. everyone was wearing seat belts. a family spokesman said harry reid's lives up with more severe injuries, including a broken back, neck, anda daughter suffered facial lacerations and other injuries. >> we prefer them mantle for the best. we are so pleased that this was not worse than it was.
: janet sherwood is one of many residents inside the fairfax county neighborhood who woke up to a crime scene on their street. >> yeah. it was loud. you know, lood out my door and saw a police cruiser coming by with its lights and sirens on. >> i was lying in bed, and i heard -- i heard two loud booms. i thought it was some type of construction going on or renovations. i come out to leave for work and found out it was a gunshot. >> reporter: a woman's body was found inside of this red car. she'd be shot multiple times. investigators are trying to piece together the moment that led up to the shooting. >> well, she's inside the vehicle, because we don't know exactly what happened, we're not sure what the sequence of events are. >> reporter: someone saw a black male with dreadlocks speed away anyway gold car with a spoiler. neighbors say they didn't recognize the victim's car and didn't think she lived nearby. no one heard any fighting or yelling, just the gunshot. >> nothing happens on this street. >> fairfax county police did recover a type of weapon out here at the scene. again, they're
in this case now of a woman who was found shot at close range in fairfax county this morning. it happened in a normally quiet mt. vernon community, just off route 1. jackie bensen is on the scene now. >> reporter: well, jim, we're in arlington. i'm going to show you the scene here. just over an hour ago, police may have ended their search for the suspect in the shootinging. you can see the gold colored nissan maxim ma down here. a man was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. that vehicle fits the description of the one used in the point blank shooting of the woman in the mt. vernon area this morning. now, police have not given us any information at this point except to say, investigators from the fairfax county police department who are investigating this morning's shooting are here on the scene. this happened just a short time ago. this discovery was made. the body of a man inside that gold nissan maxim ma which fits the descriptionf the suspect vehicle they're looking for from this morning's murder he was found about 5:00. police very quickly taped off all the streets here arou
to the 25th. >>> in four minutes, one group's push to find different ways to save money in fairfax county schools. >>> and plus, a bizarre trade. turn in a bible and get a dirty magazine. in ten minutes what's behind this? >>> right now a focus on maryland weather and traffic. >>> good morning. we have some clouds out there. the moon is dimly visible a while ago. and we will talk about what we expect for the day as temperatures by 9:00 ranging from the upper 20s in garrett county to upper 30s to near 40 in places like annapolis. we will also watch during the afternoon as we will see temperatures low to mid-40s. come down to 5:00. some rain and snow developing as the day progresses. again, temperatures in most areas well above freezing. >> good morning. >>> if you are out and about in silver spring, crews are trying to clear up a water main break on southbound georgia avenue between silver spring avenue and sligo. still losing a right lane there. connecticut and bradley coming in to the district from maryland all lanes are open. no big problems to report there and finally i believe we have
. the driver of the vehicle did not stop. the victim was taken to inova fairfax hospital with serious injuries. the hit and run vehicle was a large mercedes tore a small suv police say and they are asking anyone who may have seen the crash to contact them. >>> a prince georges county police officer will be laid to rest later this morning. officer first class thomas p. jensen died last week from injuries he suffered last month. he struck a patch of ice and crashed in to a phone pole while responding to an emergency call. his funeral is at 10:00 this morning at the riverdale ban ty church in upper marlboro. >>> montgomery county agencies are bracing for the worst as county executive ike leg bet a- - ike leggett announces his budget today. -- >>> the virginia general assembly passed a new two year $82 billion budget that makes unprecedented cuts to public education, public safety and health programs. they did this on sunday. the budget cuts $646 million from schools, $1 billion in health services, including medicaid reimbursement cuts of 7% for hospitals, nursing homes and doctors. the new budge
. >> this is a very sad day. >> reporter: daniel willy is with equality fairfax, a group that believes sexual minorities do need legal protection. >> most of us are pretty open, but that doesn't mean we don't still worry about our jobs, our livelihoods. >> reporter: it is spring break at george mason so a lot of students are away from the campus. >> we did find one graduate student who agrees with the attorney general that if the state legislature hasn't authorized it, the university should not be offering protection to gays. however, he declined to articulate that view on camera. among students willing to be interviewed, the views were nearly unanimous. >> just seems wrong that they would just take that away and they can discriminate all of a sudden against that. >> right now in the time we're living in, it's important that there is protection for -- against discrimination. >> reporter: including gays? >> yes. >> reporter: should the university hire a lawyer and try to keep the language the way it is? >> i would say yes. >> reporter: a university spokesman told us gmu president wants to stud
avenue. there are no injuries reported as a result of the leak. >>> the president is in fairfax, virginia making a pitch for the reform. the white house says that four democrats changed their votes from nay to yay and the majority leader on the early show said that people will accept the plan. >>> morgan state bear fans show they'll do almost anything for their team, even get up and drive seven hours to see them play the west virginia mountaineers. and we're live and andrea fujii has more on the mounting excitement. >>> good afternoon, jessica. yes, a big group left at 4:00 this morning. they say they know their under dogs, but they can still win it. >> before dawn, the alumni was pumped up for the bears. >> west virginia is in west virginia. >> i think we'll make those guys know what morgan state basketball's about. >> i'm 85 years old and this is the first time i've seen a team jell and play together. >> reporter: morgan is 15th and west virginia, 2nd and with this stellar record this year, the fans think they'll give them a run for the money. it's expected to be a run away, but i doub
. >> they are homicides in fairfax county are so low that any homicide is troubling to us. >> last thursday, police found a man dead in a small pond. police don't suspect foul play. the next day, police say a gang related beating took the life of a teenage boy. police say 16-year-old christian perez died of blunt force trauma to the head and today, a woman shot to death in her car. >> kind of makes you wonder why it's happening so recently and all in this area. >> witnesses say the woman was shot in the face several times. and now police say it could take several days before they identify her. police now are searching for a gold car with a spoiler in the back. in mount vernon, 9news now. >> next at 6:00, a fairfax county sheriff deputy finds himself on the other side of the law tonight. deputies arrested james lee hines. he is accused of engaging in inappropriate contact with a female prisoner. they say it happened when hines was on duty guarding a 25-year- old female prisoner at a local hospital. the pair allegedly engaged in sex acts at the hospital. hines was with the department for two years. >>>
church of god. fairfax say two men in their 20s claim shelton molested them when they were young boys. >> detectives began this investigation in 2008, and culminated the charges placed last week. >> fairfax police say shelton has been working at a school in kentucky a lately. he is charged with sodomy, forced sexual battery and indecent liberties with a minor. he could get up to live in prison. no one at church wanted to talk about the charges but the pos tore said the church is disturbed by the charges and cooperating with law enforcement. >>> two workerrers out of jobs, three others disciplined after a teacher was murdered at the youth facility in prince georges county. the announcement came from the director of juvenile services. scott broom is following the developments in the wake of the tragedy. . >> some youths were not supervised. >> reporter: secretary of jew until services orders discipline if the wake of the murder of 65-year-old hander wheeling at the youth facility one month ago. >> we are terminating two staff members. we are demoting a high level administrator. we are
this weekend. track work on the orange line will force trains to share one track between the vienna fairfax gmu and west falls church v.a. traa tech and uva station. riders are asked to leave an extra half hour if they are riding that stretch of the orange line. >>> if you are driving in tysons corner area get ready for lane closures. northbound lanes of 123 will close near the dulles toll road in about an hour. it is part of work on the metro extension. the lanes are set up to reopen by 10:00 tomorrow morning. detour signs will be posted to help you get around that work. >>> the national transportation safety board has begun its investigation of thursday's plane crash which demolished a louisa, virginia home and killed the cessna pilot. the identify of the pilot is withheld pending the autopsy of the totally charred remains. the plane is registered to 63- year-old james lundquist from reston. the plane had just refueled at the louisa county airport when it crashed just after taking off. >> they said after the turn they heard a rough running engine and two witnesses say they saw smoke coming fr
's in and out bank robbery operation is over for now. fairfax county police were honored throughout when they decided to step into the apple federal credit union here on lee jackson highway. they made it out with the money. but she didn't get far this time. and the fairfax county police tell us that she matched the description from three other bank robberies in this area. and the the first one happened at another apple federal credit union at centerville square on march 2, she made it out with an undisclosed amount of cash at the northwest federal credit union. and the crossing lanes. then last tuesday, in centerville, they kept following the trails. >> our detectives were conducting them on banks in the area because of what happened recently. and they just happen to be here. they saw a woman who matched the description of the previous bank robberies. when they came out of the bank, they stopped to talk to her. they confirmed with people inside that the bank robbery had just occurred. at that point, they arrested her. >> reporter: fairfax county police said that the woman had help today.
with a clearing sky. temperatures in the upper 30s. d-30s in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties mid-30s as well. it's right near the freezing mark in the blue ridge and northern shenandoah valley and elsewhere above freezing. out in the mountains in the mid-to-upper 20s. in many locations where they still have a very heavy snow pack around canaan valley. this winter they had 240 inches of snow. here we got a clearing sky. sun this morning. a few clouds this afternoon a blustery northwest wind highs reaching the mid-40s. blustery tonight and tomorrow. more sun on friday with highs again mid-40s. nice warming trend for the weekend, saturday sunny with a high near 50. mid-50s on sunday. jerry, how is the thursday traffic? >> pretty quiet so far through northeast. no early usuals non-proliferation new york avenue, kenilworth avenue doing fine. along the dulles greenway, route 28, dulles toll road to and from the airport, airport lanes wide-open so far. back to you. >>> well metro is looking to move in a new direction and they think they found the man to help it
bat in a fairfax county park. one week later three suspects are now under arrest, all teenagers and that's not the only thing police say they all have in common. they're all suspected gang members. fox 5's matt ackland live in the newsroom with our story tonight. matt? >> reporter: tonight police are telling us the three suspects and the victim were all connected to gangs. police are not releasing details about a motive except to say the victim in this case was targeted. a week later in this alexandria neighborhood, things look much different. the crime scene, the cop cars, the victim's body all gone. tonight this neighborhood park is peaceful again. >> it's a very quiet place. >> reporter: tony still can't believe their favorite neighborhood spot was the scene of such violence. christian perez was beaten to death by this man 19-year-old jorge barenga and two other teenagers, one 15 and the other 16. >> they were all gang affiliated. >> reporter: fairfax county police tracked each suspect down. one was arrested in woodbridge. another in new york city and albarenga was taken into
down in chile. the fairfax county rescue squad will deploy to chile with 52 people, four canines and four tons of equipment and supplies. the main mission, to help find people trapped in the rubble and get them out. >> i guess everybody wants to get back into the mindset of -- you don't think you're going to go that quick but once something comes up, you know, an earthquake, you hear of an earthquake somewhere and we are perking up like okay, starting to bet your game face on. >> this will be the second time this year that fairfax search and rescue heads to an earthquake-ravaged country. last time, it was in haiti. >>> the death toll is expected to rise from saturday's earthquake in chile which killed more than 700 people an caused an estimated $30 bill wrong in economic damage. meantime, the earthquake- ravaged country is in desperate need of temporary bridges, field hospitals, electric generators, water purification systems and all satellite phones which sex of state hillary clinton is bringing with her when she visits today. >>> coming up next, jay leno back on the tonight sho
and allot out of it. >> scott, thank you for that update. >>> fairfax county police are looking for the person who shot and killed a woman in alexandria. it happened this morning in the 8400 block. the woman was found slumped over in a car. this is the second deadly shooting in the mt. vernon area since last friday. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. right now, we want to update you on that shooting along i- 95. it happened after an altercation between the driver of a jaguar and the driver of a dump truck. peggy fox is live with the latest. >> we know this driving continued for a mile on i-95 south. at wasn't point, the road rage escalated until one of the drivers stopped his vehicle, got out, and started shooting. >> you don't do that with your kids in the car. >> what police say, 25-year- old gabriel did was pull a loaded semi-automatic handgun out and start firing on i-95 south in woodbridge, just after 4:00 p.m. his two-year-old daughter watched it all from the car. >> it really shows you when you are angry, how you can lose control of your emotions and you can just forg
's brother. -- a severed propane line at a virginia congressman's brother. >>> police have arrested a fairfax county deputy sheriff for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a female prisoner. investigators say that james heinz assigned to guard duty when she was admitted to a local hospital. that is when the inappropriate contact allegedly occurred. this is a felony. >>> and explosion at a former gas station left a man dead and rocked a small town. residents of colonial beach said the whole community is grieving for a small business owner. steven tschida shows us how this accident happened. >> an old fuel tank so heavy that large machinery barely live set. yesterday, fumes of lingering from the 1970's sent the tank flying high into the air. >> it was a big boom. it exploded. it shookhe house. >> it was a big fireball coming out from the tank. >> jeff malecha plea of the old gas station and named it coffee -- and named his coffee shop the espresso station. during the excavation of the fuel tanks, something ignited. >> it was a powerful explosion. it packed so much power that it blue jeff mal
yesterday afternoon. she is recovering at inova fairfax hospital where pamela brown is live. >> good morning. we are monitoring her condition. she remains in hospital with serious but n-life threatening injuries. his daughter luana has been released. family members and friends are gathering, offering prayers and support for his wife after yesterday's car crash. >> there are wonderful people. let's pray for them. >> it occurred on interstate 95 in fairfax county. virginia state police say a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of landra reid's suv after she had to brake for traffic. then she ran into another car, which then hit a fourth car. police say everyone was wearing seat belts. a family spokesman said his wife suffered the most severe injuries, including a broken back, neck, and nose. his 48-year-old daughter suffered a neck injury and facial lacerations. >> we are pleased if this was not worse. it was a very bad accident. >> harry reid was a high-school sweethearts with his wife. the rest to the hospital and then left briefly for the legislation. but he is superhuman. >> we hope to l
downtown, but below freezing out toward rockville. 31 in gaithersburg. 33 at andrews. fairfax, reston, sterling, you will all be below average tonight. i think it's going to throw more clouds our way tonight. but after that, we are going to put the future cast into motion. it slowly pulls away as we get into tomorrow afternoon and certainly for the weekend as high pressure holds. even tomorrow, look at that. it is hanging out. temperatures for tomorrow, mid 40s. again, the 50s are on the way. zone forecast, 45 in leesburg. 48 in culpeper. and downtown, we are looking at temperatures in the mid 40s. 47 in annapolis. however, small craft advisory in effect. next seven days, 46 tomorrow. 51 on saturday. a few clouds monday and tuesday, but we kept it dry. we are back in the 40s tuesday and wednesday, back near 50 next thursday. why is that such an unusual seven-day? because there's no precipitation. [ applause ] >> we like that, can you tell? >> thanks, top. coming up, an earthquake spawns mud slides in a region in a deadly typhoon. >> a huge wave strikes a mediterranean cruise ship.
-degree murder. >> wisdom martin live in fairfax tonight. >>> maryland drivers may have to go hands free to talk behind the wheel. the state senate voted just barely 24-23 to pass a bill requiring drivers to use hands free devices. drivers could only use their hands to tun the phone on or off. they couldn't r cannot hold a cell phone during the conversation. the fine for breaking the law would be 40 bucks. the measure goes to the house ever delegates for a vote. >>> the search for a suspect in a brutal fairfax county murder is over. police believe the gunman killed himself. investigators say he shot a woman in her car near mount vernon this morning and later took his own life. bob barnard is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: police have not released the names of the woman murdered or the murder suspect who apparently committed suicide on a busy neighborhood sidewalk. this was the scene off south quincy street in arlington this evening where police believe a murder suspect ended his life with a single gunshot to the head in his family's apartment complex parking lot. >> well, our poli
it january 2010. >>reporter: fairfax county police spokesperson tells 9 news now at the time the victim was 13 years of age and ford was 22 it happened. at this stage in the investigation there is one victim. >>at this time detectives don't believe that there are other victims. they are following up on one or two more leads just to be sure. but if there are any other victims, we ask you to please come forward. >>reporter: we're told ford resigned in 2008 from the gymnastics place. detectives from the fairfax police department are asking anybody with information about this case to please come forward as soon as possible. live in fairfax, 9 news now. >>thank you, alex. > >>on the international scene, five americans from northern virginia known as the d.c. five has been charged with planning terrorist attacks in pakistan. the men ages 18 to 25 pleaded not guilty today. they were arrested in a home of a militant group leader back in december. now, if convicted on all charges they could face life in prison. their attorney says they were heading to afghanistan and had no plans to stage an att
members of fairfax county search and rescue team are now prepared to go to chile. >> you never know when the next disaster is going to hit. the next disaster is right around the corner. >> half going to chile just got back from haiti a few weeks ago where they saved more than a dozen lives. >>> the d.c. marriage bureau is facing for a rush to more in the new law to allow same-sex marriages to win. residents should be able to vote on the matter themselves. the archdiocese has changed its employee health care policy to no longer let employees add spouses. >>> a pivotal day for gun rights activists feared there was a ban overturned in chicago. they high court overturned d.c.'s hot band. >>> there is a murder suicide in dale city. police found tonitha white. seven children were in the home. her daughter led them down to the basement and called 911. >>> savannah, georgia. the president will be in the peach state to me with georgia workers. the tour is designed to share ideas for continuing to grow the economy. >>> the senate banking committee is reviewing a deal on wall street regulations tha
crash. the tractor-trailer rear ended their car on i-of 92 in fairfax county yesterday. bob barnard is live outside of inova fairfax hospital where doctors issued an update. what you have learned, bob? >> reporter: will, landra reid ised to number good spirits following surgery today to repair her broken neck and the 69-year-old wife of harry reid broke her back and nose in yesterday's car crash. we're told the senator was here today and has gone back up to alcohol and is expected back shortly. we got an update from the senator's spokesman and the physician here at inova fairfax. >> her -- for recovery is good and she's neurologically in tact, meaning she's able to move her arm and legs as she was able to before the wreck. and her surgery -- to stabilize the risk of paralysis and that is not existing at this point. >> senator reid asked me to read a statement from him to all of you. it said the tremendous concern and support for landra and lana from people across nevada and the nation has deeply touched our entire family. we greatly appreciate your thoughts during this difficult tim
temperatures in northern virginia for springfield to reston, the dulles area, fairfax. overnight temperatures again it is warmer as we go to the heart of the district. go outside and mainly upper 30s for us right now. and the friday forecast, rounding out the workweek in perfect fashion. lower 70s for many. if we see a couple of 60s you are awfully close to that 70- degree mark, too. through the weekend we have the steady 70 temperatures. sunday in to monday is the next storm system i have coming in. have to watch for the possibility of stronger storms. it will cool down briefly more in to tuesday. monday is deceiving. 60s before the temperatures fall in the afternoon. the front comes through and tuesday is cooler an recover to 60 degrees on wednesday. what do we need to take away from the forecast? the same thing the last few days. look for the warm afternoons after the cold start. you need to dress appropriate for that. watch for the sunday and monday storms. keep an eye on how those evolve. >> good morning, everybody. love those warm days coming up. looking forward to the weekend but we ha
at the fairfax county center looking for work. darcy spencer is live now with more. >> reporter: virginia was the leader in terms of job losses last month, losing tens of thousands of positions. officials are saying this had a lot to do with the weather, tying those unemployment numbers to the blizzards. it's up since january according to the labor department. today in fairfax county, some 3,000 people attended the mega jobs fair at the county government center. employers were there and job seekers. they can take workshops to better their chances of landing positions. >> it's been a good experience just talking to employers and seeing what positions they have available. >> i'm here today because i wanted to come and in research the job fair to see how many opportunities i can get for researching jobs in general. >> reporter: it was expanded this year to 0 provide additional help for people trying to pull out of financial crisis and people looking to buy homes the first time. back to you, craig. >> darcy spencer, northwest washington, thank you. >>> we are following a developing story toni
. we can't allow that. >>reporter: we're here in fairfax county where police officers arrested a gymnastics teacher for allegedly having sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy. this is christopher ford. investigators say the sexual relations took place here at capital gymnastics on premier court in burke back in november of 2007 for a period of ten months. ford resigned in 2008 after an initial investigation into improper social conduct. >>the victim's mother reported it january 2010. >>reporter: fairfax county police spokesperson tells 9 news now at the time the victim was 13 years of age and ford was 22. at this stage in the investigation there is one victim. >>at this time detectives don't believe that there are other victims. they are following up on one or two more leads just to be sure, you know, but if there are any other victims we ask you to please come forward. >>>i'm here in maryland where a woman from virginia says she was taken from a bar, brought to this home and gang raped. >>reporter: the woman had be been dancing with a man at fast eddie's when she got into a
in fairfax could be part of that effort. the 54 members of the elite search and rescue team have been mobilized but are still waiting to see the will be deployed. >> we are on a four-hour standby right now. we need to be about to get back here within a four-hour time frame, getting on a bus and going to an airport is all that is needed after we get there. >> back in concepcion, chile, people are living in fear of more violence and loong. markets had been ransacked by people looking for essentials of water and gasoline. this woman says we need food, too. assistance is starting to trickle into chile. this morning, the secretary of state arrived in chile with the first portion of what she says will be substantial aid from the u.s. in fairfax, abc 7 news. >> today, the faa is investigating the crash of a small plane in gaithersburg that happened last night. we were over the scene this morning. it was a six-seat plane that flew off the runway at the montgomery county airport in crashed into the nearby wds. only the pilot was on board and several minor injuries. this is the second small pla
that she was riding and was rammed by a tractor-trailer. she had surgery yesterday a inova fairfax hospital to stabilize her neck. doctors say she is not at risk of paralysis and should be able to walk into days. >>> house democrats are pushing for a vote on health care as early as next week. ncy pelosi says she is confident she has the votes to pass health care legislation despite strong republican opposition. >> we believe is a right, not a privilege, and we intend to act on that. >> the president still has not gotten the message. somehow, the greater the public opposition to the health care bill, the more determined they seem to force it on us anyway. >> the bill needs 260 votes to clear the house. >>> 12 rockville volunteer firefighters have been suspended for breaking into a building. they were breaking into a fire department warehouse last night. thursday night, nine volunteer firefighters allegedly broke into a committee room at an apartment complex. all 12 are on suspension pending investigation. >>> a woman who accused marion barry of misusing funding is suing over money she says i
and disciplinary action has been rendered. >> i'm lindsey in fairfax county. a piano teacher is accused of possessing child pornography. charles dillon lives in springfield. he posted these videos online. >> virginia law requires registered sex offenders to notify the virginia state police of any changes that they make or experience online. >> but he says in october, dillon failed to register this website. >> according to the law, they have to do it within 30 minutes of any change. >> they took dillon's computers, that's when they found the child pornography as part of their investigation. >> whatever he had was identifyable as a minor. >> dillon faces four counts of possessing child pornography. each could carry up to five years in prison. >> and a man is charged with aggravated sexual battery against a child. 50-year-old paul wade saunders is accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy last year. saunders is a friend of the boy's family. he is now being held without bail. >>> a body was found in the dam in frederick county, maryland. now this is video from sky nine. it was
say this may not be the first bank the suspect has hit in fairfax county. >>> an elderly man is being treated for serious injuries he received in a hit and run accident near springfield. the 73-year-old man was standing beside a car yesterday on i-95 when a passing vehicle struck him and the driver did not stop. the victim was taken to inova fairfax hospital with serious injuries. virginia state police say the hit and run vehicle was a very large mercedes or a small suv. >>> police are looking for clues stemming from a double shooting in southeast washington. two female victims were shot around 2:30 a.m. in the 4900 block of g street. they were both conscious when they were taken to the hospital. officers spent the morning canvassing the neighborhood looking for evidence and the suspects. >>> and investigators have determined that firearms used by pentagon gunman john bedell came from the police and the court system in memphis. officials say the guns were once seized as evidence in criminal investigations. bedell was shot and killed on march 4th after opening fire on pentagon police o
. >>> meanwhile, fairfax county rescue team is standing by if they are activated. a 52-member team with four dogs was mobilized today. and that let them start making the necessary preparations to head out. the call comes just a month after the crew came back from helping victims of the earthquake in haiti. that was the mission the rescue was found rewarding. >> how rewarding was haiti for you? >> incredible. it was my first earthquake mission. so it was, you know, the first one for me. and so that was exhilarating. but the fact that our members were able to touch 16 lives and make a difference in them was the most exhilarating. and then on the tail end of that, we were able to do some mantarian assistance while we were there as well. >> that humanitarian work after the haiti rescues were at the hospital. >>> topper here with the forecast first. should we be worried about the middle of the week? >> i'll watch it carefully. it's kicking off pretty good rain in the south right now. here is your forecast for tonight. no problems. in fact, just high clouds coming in. the that is about it. breezy and c
third. >>> fairfax city comes in sixth. arlington is ninth. and montgomery county makes up the top ten. >>> speaking of montgomery county, that water main break that occurred in wheaten yesterday has been fixed. university boulevard is open. wss crews had that water main fixed by midnight. >> coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> yeah, jc, lots going on. a very active weather pattern across the country and a big impact on the rest of our weather for this week. i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up when 9news now returns. >>> the cbs producer accused of trying to extort late night talk show host, david letterman is free on bail until he is sentenced. joe halderman admitted in court yesterday that he tried to blackmail letterman out of millions of dollars. the cbs producer pleaded guilty in exchange for six months in prison, five years probation, and 1,000 hours of community service. halderman says he is sorry about the whole thing. >> i apologize to mr. letterman, his family, to stephanie burkett, her family, and my friends and family. >> after his arrest, halderman claim
with an accident involving theamily of harry reid. his wife and adult daughter were taken to nova fairfax hospital this afternoon after a bad crash on i-95 near lorton, virginia. reid's wife has a broken neck and broken back. >>> senator reid is at the hospital with the two of them tonight. the driver has been charged with reckless driving. >>> new concerns for toyota as investigators look into three crashes blamed on sudden acceleration this week. in new york, a driver says her prius sped uncontroly down her driveway into a stone wall. in connecticut a stuck gas pedal is blamed for a camry's crash into a church. a massachusetts woman says her rav4 crashed into a medical building. a local woman says her car went out of control twice and she has the paperwork to prove it. >> reporter: a woman says her car is paid off. she has no plans of getting rid of it, but is driving carefully these days because she is concerned it could happen again. she has a 2004 toyota prius. you a year ago the accelerator got stuck twice while passing another car. >> i try never to floor the car. in general i drive cautiou
in fairfax county and fork 5s claudia -- fox 5s claudia coffey has the latest. >> reporter: they investigating three robberies and say a woman is behind them all. >> reporter: this is the woman the police are looking for. she wears dark clothes, sunglasses and a scarf to conceal her identity and most contributely robbed a bb&t bank. on march 2nd, she's linked to the -- [ indiscernible ] and february 26th, the apple federal credit union in central centerville square. >> she goes in and apparently implies a weapon with a note and then the robber take -- robbery takes place and certainly, she said she has a weapon and should be considered dangerous. >> reporter: fairfax county police say it's unusual to have a female bank robber. stations are working together to be on the lookout for her and with the help with the public will hopefully nab her. >>> this accused bank robber was not incognito. he was wearing a bright yellow hard hat. he robbed a -- that is the wrong picture, actually, the video. and there you g. the guy robbed a td bank on ri
. of course we will have more details on the story coming up on 9 news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. >>> fairfax county investigators believe that a murder suspect killed himself right in front of onlookers. police were called to quincy and 15th street in arlington yesterday afternoon for reports of a man with a gun. investigators say the unidentified man shot himself in the head when police arrived. they now suspect that the man fatally shot a woman yesterday morning in mount vernon. >> detectives will work together to determine the identity of the and see if the evidence links him to the homicide. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the woman killed in yesterday's shooting. >>> a fairfax county sheriffs deputy is finds himself on the other side of the law. james lee heinz has been accused of engaging in inappropriate contact with a female prisoner. officials say this happened when heinz was guarding a 25- year-old female prisoner at a local hospital. the two allegedly engaged in sexual acts. >>> and now to a bombshell report just released today on the roman catholic sexual abuse
and adults. lindsey is outside the fairfax county courthouse with more. lindsey. >> that's right, faces four counts of possessing child pornography and police say they came across these new images when they were searching his computer after looking at his website. >> virginia law requires registered sex offenders to notify the state police of any changes that they make or experience online. that can include setting up a website, taking down a website, changing e-mail addresses, getting new e-mail addresses, profile names. >> now the website is called pianodreamsstudio. it includes information and photos. when they found out this website existed, they went into his home and removed his computer. they say they found the pornographic images on his computers, not on the website. it was part of their investigation. now, we are also told that registered sex offenders are required to notify the state of any changes to a website within 30 minutes. so dillon faces four counts that could carry up to five years in prison each. live in fairfax county, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> before you go, dillon
in montgomery county and fairfax county. right now in anne arundel county, there's rain coming across the bay. there's some steadier rain in loudoun county, fedoruk county, maryland, and virginia. they do have the creeks out of their banks now near martinsburg. three to five inches of rain. all these counties in green, by the time we get into sunday. this is really going to be quite a soaking rain system that is going to continue. these are the rainfall totals we've had over the last 24 hours. we've had almost six-tenths of an inch in washington. quite a bit more farther west and north. i'll have details on the forecast for the weekend. we'll look into next week a well coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, tom. >>> president obama was supposed to leave for indonesia next week but he's now decided to postpone that trip by several days. he hopes to have a health care reform bill to sign before he leaves. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with the latest. hi, steve. >> hi, doreen. thanks. the spin from democratic leaders up here on the hill tonight is that the preside
and through fairfax. the storm will keep things damp with drizzle and showers today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. i will make you happenner, i promise. >> we like when you make us happy. that's why they call you happy howard. >>> hello, everybody. 66 eastbound is what i want to start with but we will take 95. out of fredericksburg to dumfries looking good. now speaking of the beltway, or near there in virginia, everything is all clear. we are dealing with some flooding issues out here. maryland 717 at route 4 so closed because of flooding and in southeast dc, anacostia drive is closed at good hope road due to high-standing water, as well. take it easy and watch the speeds because we have a lot of standing water. move to the outer loop, shall we? i can show you in maryland the drive is great. everybody is moving at speed a great example here at colesville road. back to you. >>> after a weekend of heavy rain, in the riding potomac river is causing problems for reps dents and businesses in old town, alexandria. kristin fisher is live there with a look at the conditions. >>
median income in the nation. it's over $110,000. fairfax county is right behind. howard county, maryland, third. fairfax is 6th. arlington 9th and montgomery just made the top 10. >>> it's time for living smart with jessica doyle. she has travel news for us. >> that's right, peggy. a lot of travel news. some will save you money. some could cause aggravation. we will start with the aggravation to get it out of the way. in the future, if you are stuck on board of a delayed continental flight, there's a chance you will never take off. next month, the transportation department can fine airlines get this, more than $27,000 per passionier if planes are stuck on the tarmac for three hours and passengers can't get off. continuecontinental plans to cancel the flights rather than get risked with the huge fine. >>> if you want the latest air fare deals, move fast. the major airlines airlines have a two-day sale. tickets are have to be purchased by midnight thursday for travel through november 16th, and there's blackout dates. >>> should help you plan the cheapest trip possible. hotwire has the best
. thank you. >>> fairfax county police they closed the book on the woman's one-way crime spree. >> reporter: it happened right in front of the apple federal credit union. the woman who has been on the relentless bank robbery since late last month walked into the doors, demanded money from the tellers, and tried to make her getaway with the accomplice waiting for her here outside. the bank robber hit this apple credit union around noon. >> our detectives got together. pinpointing the different locations and realizing they were in a very close area. the man and the woman who were arrested face criminal charges. their identities will then be released. we're live, i'm alex trevino, 9news now. >> and some easy problems there. thank you for the updates though and an arrest out there. thank you, alex. >>> well, it's official. tiger woods is coming back to the pga tour in augusta, georgia next month. coming days after the photographer captured the first image with his wife elin since the sex scandal broke late last year. in the statement, the masters is where i want my first majors and
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